Employment Law

Employment Law


The Smith Willis Firm understands the multitude of federal and state laws that govern the workplace. The firm advises employers on these employment related laws and how to remain compliant.

At The Smith Willis Firm, we do more than just great legal work.  Our goal is to contribute to our clients’ overall success.  At The Smith Willis Firm we pride ourselves on being our clients’ strategic partner, as well as legal counselors who understand our clients’ industries and our clients’ businesses. The Smith Willis Firm wants to help our clients make money and save money.  We do this by presenting employers with ideas to help reduce costs and manage risks.  We make our client’s business, our business.

The Smith Willis Firm can perform employment practices audits, ethic and compliance investigations, as well as training.  Additionally, The Smith Willis Firm provides day-to-day counseling and assists employers by advising on a variety of matters that are impacted by state and federal employment laws, including:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Background checks
  • Exempt v. Nonexempt employees
  • Wage deductions
  • Overtime pay
  • Workplace safety
  • Data security
  • Discrimination
  • Policies, practices and procedures
  • Harassment
  • Hiring
  • Termination
  • Performance management
  • Severance packages
  • Employment contracts/offers
  • Leaves of absences
  • Disability accommodations

At The Smith Willis Firm, we work to provide comprehensive solutions that further our clients’ goals.

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