Estate Planning

Wills and Trusts


At The Smith Willis Firm, Ltd. Co. we will evaluate your assets, liabilities and wishes in order to create a customized estate plan that meets your specific needs using the appropriate legal tools, including:

  • Wills that transfer your property to selected beneficiaries upon your death
  • Trusts that provide for the care of minors or disabled persons, help minimize taxes or protect assets
  • Powers of Attorney that appoint someone to manage your property and financial matters as well as sign legal papers for you if you become incapacitated
  • Advanced Health Care Directives to give authority to the person you want to make medical decisions on your behalf
  • Strategies that can assist in avoiding probate

However, there is more to estate planning than just the aforementioned services. We work with our clients to address our client’s long-range plans keeping their unique needs in mind, whether those needs are simple or highly complex. We bring our careful attention to detail and broad legal experience to each matter.

Advance preparation is very important because without a plan, you are allowing other people to make important decisions for you, including, who gets your property, who will be the administrator of your estate, who will be the guardian of your children (if your child’s other legal parent is already deceased or has no parental rights) and who will be your guardian if you are unable to make your own decisions.

We provide advice on estate planning methods that can be used not only upon death, but during your lifetime to enable wealth to pass to your intended beneficiaries.  The Smith Willis Firm Ltd. Co. can advise you in your estate planning needs, whether you are just beginning to build your estate or want to protect the wealth that you have amassed.

It is also important to review your estate documents periodically.  While estate planning documents that were validly executed many years ago may possibly still be valid today from a technical standpoint, they may no longer achieve your current goals. Your plan should be reviewed every few years in order to address changes in circumstances or changes in the law.

Whatever your estate planning needs are, The Smith Willis Firm is here to help.

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